Support Team Update – March 15th

General announcements

Our next workshop is tomorrow, March 16th. Make note of the time, because daylight savings is in effect in some areas, and timezones may have shifted.

Dealing with Angry Users – Workshop on March 16, 2018


Last weeks ticket scrub lasted for some time, to include all who had a desire to. We’ve closed out a lot of old tickets, and re-prioritized existing tickets to have a better idea of what needs worked on moving forward.


WordPress 4.9.4

No new items have sprung up yet. We’re eagerly watching the progress of 4.9.3 sites being updated, but nothing beyond this.


Checking in with international liaisons

We had contributors from Italian, Swedish, Russian, Germany and Spain around for our weekly chat today.


Open floor

A question about how to handle sending users off-site to get support was put forth. It’s perfectly fine for an author to request that a user use their own support system, but we draw a very clear line that they’re not allowed to ask users to submit login details on any external site.

Also a note that we’ve seen an influx of authors asking for remote access using tools like Skype screen share, Team Viewer and the likes. This is considered asking for access, and is treated as a guideline violation just like asking for login credentials. Our Guidelines have been updated to reflect this by no longer explicitly mentioning asking for credentials, but instead point out asking for any kind of access is listed as a violation.

We’ve also got our Health check Plugin for support situations, and would love to hear some real-life feedback on how it’s working out and what impressions others are having. Reviews are not the best way to gauge this, so if you use it, let us know how it worked out for you!


Read the meeting transcript in the Slack archives. (A Slack account is required)