Accessibility team update: December 18, 2017

Weekly meeting


Progress of the “best practices” in the handbook according to @samikeijonen : “It’s a bullet that’s moving fast in the right direction, I’m confident about it”.

Marketing handbook: we working with the marketing team to set up a plan.
Roadmap first release March 1. After that we can keep extending and modifying the content.


About Prevent frontend style getting in Gutenberg: According to Sami: It’s a bullet that’s moving fast in different directions. Lots of good discussions going on, there’s not a definite solution yet.

WCAG 2.1

Last week @rianrietveld has been to a Dutch WCAG 2.1 meeting. Wilco Fiers was there too, he’s in the team that writes this new guidelines. They discussed the new rules and we will continue to do so on January 12. After that last meeting Rian will do a write up of what the new guidelines mean for WordPress.

WCAG / ATAG statement

  • WCAG: Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
  • ATAG: Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines (a subset of accessibility rules specifically for content creation)

We want to publish an article/articles addressing WCAG / ATAG and WordPress. To refer to, as we get questions about the policy WordPress follows and the current state of accessibility. We probably also need legal advice for this.
@joedolson will write the statement for ATAG , @rianrietveld for WCAG.

Next meetings

  • Bug scrub: 16:00 UTC, January 8, 2018
  • Team meeting: 17:00 UTC, January 8, 2018

Because of Christmas and New Years day we will skip 2 weeks.