CCOC project meeting notes –19th September

The group met in the #community-team Slack to review the following things:

  • nail down a workflow
  • make some decisions about how to move forward
  • how to manage time
  • set some loose deadlines
  • decide on the CCOC meeting time, date and frequency.

The notes will go in order of what happened:

Agendas: Nail down a workflow, make some decisions about how to move forward, & set some loose deadlines

We reviewed the proposed workflow document and flowchart from @mor10. We noted that it was lacking any deadlines, and proceeded to have a discssuon on that. We wanted to reframe from setting any deadlines which were too tight or or unachieveable whilst keeping momentum.

The conclusion was made to set a general benchmark of 4 weeks for each phase, decide on a roadmap for the first 3 or 4 phases today and reevaluate for the next phases later on. This would give us some data in regards to how long things take for the group.

  • Phrase 1 – Discovery : 4 weeks – Note we’re at the start of week 3 currently.
  • Phrase 2 – Research : 4 weeks
  • Phrase 3 – Motivation & Goals : 4 weeks
  • Phrase 4 – Pre-Mortem 1 – 2 weeks


If no one has any objections to the deadlines above being added to the workflow, then we will add them in and save the whole workflow as a PDF and upload them here. This is to ensure that there is a hard copy of the workflow that is not editable.

If there are no objections to this in the comments of this post, by the 26th September, I will assume everyone is in favour and move forward with the proposed.

Agenda : how to manage time & decide on the CCOC meeting time, date and frequency

The group is currently made of people from all over the globe – specifically – Europe, Japan and West Coast America.

We reviewed the time date and frequency of the meetings based on having enough time to slot the project into our busy lives.

The day and frequency were fine for everyone who was at the meeting.

The current meeting time meant that for people joining in Japan, it was 2AM.

We have worked out a better meeting team for the group would be 15:00 UTC .


We want to propose that starting with the next meeting on the 3rd October, that meetings will start at 15:00 UTC with a two week frequency.

If there are no objections to this in the comments of this post, by the 26th September, then we will assume that the new time is suitable for all.

To do for our next meeting

As we’re still in our discovery stage, we are still looking for more links to more articles, research and COCs from inside and outside our community to be added to the research spreadsheet.

We are also looking for comments  from  the community on any fo the links, so it would be great if people can take the time to share any issues they have and any comments they have on the information we have found so far.

If I have missed anything from the meeting please correct me in the comments below and I’ll update them.

Thanks for reading these notes. Any comments, ideas, suggestions , as always, welcomed below.