CCOC project meeting notes – 5th September

I am super sorry that these notes didn’t go up earlier.

In the last week, i have learnt to post notes straight after a meeting or it never happens.

Recap of the meeting we had on the Community-Team Slack channel.

  • We introduced ourselves and said what our interest in the project was.
  • Discussed researching Cocs as part of discovery.
    Three labels were suggested as topics that the research can be catergorised into
    1. Document existing CoCs
    2. Document CoC issues/stories etc
    3. Anti-group – document concerns around CoC
  • There is now an open spreadsheet with the three tabs as suggestions.
  • We had a discussion also about whether we should keep our chats in the Community-team channel or move it to a Community-coc channel. There are pros and cons to both.The people who are attending from the APAC region have said they would prefer it to be in a different channel so that the conversation can be kept asynchonlosy. @pento has pointed out that p2 can be where conversations are asyc.

    It is a pro that it is visible in the community-team chat, but there is the downside that people from other teams may not want to be in the community-team chat for everything else that happens in the channel and thus leave the channel.

    Considering that the CCOC project is meant to be not just for the community-team but for the whole WordPress project to see what, where, if and how it is applied, I would like to hear more from others on whether we should or should not branch to another channel.|

  • There was a suggestion that the group meets this week ( actually now today ) specifically to
    • nail down a workflow
    • make some decisions about how to move forward
    • how to manage time
    • set some loose deadlines
    • decide on the CCOC meeting time, date and frequency.


The first aim of the project is to add any COC research links to the spreadsheet in the tab that it should be grouped under.

We are looking for breadths of opinions, research, situations where a COC may have been valuable and also where as a COC has caused harm.

We also want research into COC – like policies from other industries and the space that they are defined for.

Next meeting – reviewing workflow

There is also the aim of the next meetupMeetup All local/regional gatherings that are officially a part of the WordPress world but are not WordCamps are organized through A meetup is typically a chance for local WordPress users to get together and share new ideas and seek help from one another. Searching for ‘WordPress’ on will help you find options in your area. ( Today at 17:00 UTC) to review the workflow that has been suggested as a starting point.

Due to the nature of the late posting of these meetup notes, I want to suggest that we push the workflow meeting one week to allow everyone to review the links and documents below.

Thank you @mor10 for spending the time to suggest a workflow. We can use this as a base to edit to our needs so that we do not need to start from a blank sheet of paper.

The workflow comes in two parts. A flow diagram and a write up.

It would be great if people attending the CCOC workflow meeting read the documents and leave comments or bring their ideas and concerns to the meeting.

I do apologies for the Pacific Time zone peopel who may be getting up early for this meeting. My tariness should not have affected you or this project. I will move forward and aim to do better.