Design team weekly update September 4th

The design team are now posting individual updates each week, this post is a summary of the updates from there. If any other teams have design they need help with, please also let us know. You can either add as a comment to the post on make/design, add a comment here, or you can ask directly in #design on Slack.

Worked on/released this week:

  • @annaharrison worked on a number of posts on Tiny Mce’s blog.
  • @annaharrison worked on giving feedback and adding user research to ‘design feedback’ tag on Gutenberg.
  • @boemedia launched a survey for plugin developers about the usability of the wp-admin.
  • @joshuawold: Uploading .zip to update plugin or theme – Read through #9757 and shared a user flow. Thinking it’d make sense to implement the Reinstall Plugins direction as the user flow is pretty straightforward.
  • @joshuawold: Posted an article about my experience working on Core these past few months. It’s been a really fun ride, looking forward to what’s ahead!
  • @karmatosed: Gutenberg all the things.

Currently working on:

Need help with:

Full update post here.