Marketing Team Update – July 28, 2017

Hi everyone.

The Marketing Team has four subgroups, each of whom post updates on the Marketing Blog.

We have changed our meeting time for all subgroups to 15:00 UTC.

For consensus in our meetings, we’ve decided to work on one task and at the 45 minute mark take wish list items. This is helping with the overall flow of meetings.

Marketing to Agencies

This week, the Marketing to Agencies subgroup met.

  • We analyzed the responses to the WordPress Usage Survey.
  • @anafransilva finalised the Marketing Message
  • @mcdwayne shared the Marketing Message for Agencies
  • We reviewed the Email Template to Twitter Influencers to promote the Case Studies survey.
  • We considered reaching out to individual WordCamps that are coming up soon, but we’ll check with some Community leaders.