Community Team Update – July 20th

The community team has a bi-monthly chat and we post recaps of them in our blog. This post is a summary of the updates from there.

Decision making process

This was mentioned a lot in the past few months. We would like to make it clearer for everyone how decisions are taken, how to deal with threads in this blog, who is involved, how, etc… We started a thread to collect feedback, deadline is August 3rd, in time for our next chat.

Highlighted posts

Payment gateways for Indian Currency
After collecting feedback from the Indian community on how to deal with different payment gateways for CampTix, @coreymckrill proposed a solution .

Regional WordCamps Take 2
We are looking into adding guidelines for regional WordCamps. The thread will be open until July 26, @andreamiddleton will summarise it.

Contributor Badges as Stickers for All
We are exploring the possibility to print Contributor stickers and send them to the WordCamps that might require them. In addition we are working on a new procedure to send swag. @courtneypk is collecting feedback and quotations.


  • Call for deputies! We have some applications to vet.
  • Get involved flyer. We will add a new page in the Handbook with the files, so the different locales can work with them. @casiepa @yaycheryl will work on it, with help from @karmatosed if needed.

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