Support team update – June 29th


There’s a Gutenberg call for testing, please give the post a read and test. The post outlines how to provide feedback and input on the new editor experience.

WordPress 4.8

No new large issues have shown up for the 4.8 release in the past week.

New Forum Welcome

The old Forum Welcome has been moved to the new Forum Guidelines section of the handbook, if you need to reference this in posts, please use that page and not the current forum welcome.

Input and the current iteration of the new forum welcome can be seen in the call for input post, the main post will contain the edited iteration at any given time, my hopes is to have the first iteration of it up by the end of the week and it can then be iterated on from there to help maintain the momentum we’ve got going.

Moving topics

Ideally, we shouldn’t be moving/splitting topics due to #meta- 1955, but when we do, we should not edit the content of the topic, it may be confusing to users then a post starts with `[mod note …]`, if you do move a topic and want to leave a paper trail of it, use the `Reason for editing` field that’s present on all edit screens and put it in there, this keeps it out of the main post body and reduces confusion.

Meeting time

The major consensus from the participants of the meeting was that the current meeting time is pretty ideal, there was a request to move it one hour earlier, but nothing has been decided in this regard. Since it’s the summer time, and not everyone was able to attend, please feel free to leave a comment on the make/support summary post with feedback on the meeting times if they’re not good for you.

Checking with non-English support liaisons

The Russian, Italian, Swedish and German support communities are doing well, we also had participation from the Spanish community!

Open floor / Other events

We’ve gathered more names for the manual support badges, they’ll be assigned when we do our next manual update of badges (Progress on the automation of this task can be viewed in #meta-2214).

A suggestion for adding forum icons in some way to individual subforums (and help in discoverability) was mentioned, a metaMeta Meta is a term that refers to the inside workings of a group. For us, this is the team that works on internal WordPress sites like WordCamp Central and Make WordPress. ticket will be created to see if this is possible, and if it would be overall beneficial.

Next weeks agenda will primarily focus on input for the contributor orientations that @bethannon1 requested, as we did not get time for it this week, and it’s a rather large topic.