Design team update : June 23

The design team are now posting individual updates each week, this post is a summary of the updates from there. If any other teams have design they need help with, please also let us know. You can either add as a comment to the post on make/design, add a comment here, or you can ask directly in #design on Slack.


Worked on/released this week:

Currently working on:

  • Handbook / Designers Onboarding Guide: @folletto
  • Figuring out what to do about #40951 with @westonruter@melchoyce
  • Media plugin research: @saracannon
  • Researching past WordCamp designs to see if we can pull in more design contributors: @saracannon
  • Need to audit previous attempts to improve “Page on Front” in WordPress: @melchoyce
  • Catching up on, and continuing to keep an eye on, Gutenberg updates: @melchoyce
  • Starting to look at some customization-related priorities and tasks for 4.9; more details in Matt’s update: @melchoyce
  • Planning to create a new ticket to track the changes for More Blocks + Insert feature: @joshuawold
  • Save and Publish –There are a few tickets (here and here) going around with great feedback for how Save and Publish will function on Gutenberg as well as Customizer. I’d like to give it a bit more thought and see if there are any UI solutions I can propose: @joshuawold
  • Preparing my first Meetup talk (Coeur d’Alene) about my experience contributing to Core as a designer. It’s a new experience for me and it’s been extremely enjoyable. I hope to inspire others to dig in and help out: @joshuawold
  • Gutenberg demo video: @mapk
  • Dataviz stuff for the upcoming Global Translation Day: @mapk
  • Contributor day updates: @karmatosed
  • Gutenberg marketing page: @karmatosed
  • Gutenberg pattern library planning: @karmatosed
  • Getting the new Dashicons made: @liljimmi and @empireoflight
  • Improving automated Dashicon tasks: @liljimmi and @empireoflight
  • #37661 (theme discovery in the customizer): @celloexpressions

Need help with:

Full update post here.