Docs Team Update: September 4, 2014

The following is the status of our current projects:

1. DevHub:

The team didn’t have their regular meeting this week, so there is no report for DevHub.

2. Handbooks:

The handbook teams are moving things along. More progress was made on finishing up sections of the Plugin Developer Handbook. The Theme Developer Handbook was planning for a big push this weekend with the Seattle Documentation Sprint.

If you would like to help out with the handbooks (writing content, editing, proofing, testing), please contact @samuelsidler, @blobaugh, or @sewmyheadon.

(9/3/2014 chat summary)

3. Version 4.0 Codex Page:

@DrewAPicture took the lead on getting the Version 4.0 Codex page prepared before the release on 9/4/2014. Thank you to everyone who pitched in to help!