Docs Team Update: August 21, 2014

The following is the status of our current projects:

1. DevHub:

The team did a bug scrub of open Meta tickets. There are 6 tickets that will require changes to the parser before they can be worked on. We need a volunteer to step up and help maintain the parser so these can move forward.

Implemention of changes for both examples and explanations in the code reference should happen this week.

(8/19/2014 chat summary)

2. Handbooks:

The handbooks received a lot of attention from both the WordCamp Grand Rapids and WordCamp Maine contributor days. Huge thanks to all the new contributors!

Both handbooks are progressing, and the focus is now on getting them into a usable state so they can be migrated to their permanent home at

The team is considering having weekly online handbook sprints to encourage contributors to work on the handbooks on a regular basis.

(8/20/2014 chat summary)