Docs Team Update: May 1, 2014

The following is a summary of the topics that were discussed during our weekly Docs chat.

1. DevHub: The new code reference is now live. The team is working on code reference improvements, and work continues on the handbook theme and plugin.

2. Admin Help: @Clorith said the team is moving forward with user testing, having users do goal-oriented tasks which focus on one area of the admin at a time to identify specific pain points. The test site uses real data provided by @jazzs3quence. He also represented the team at Tuesday’s Featured Plugin meeting.

3. Weekly Chat Time: I asked whether we should change the weekly docs chat to an earlier time on Thursday that would be more convenient for team members to attend the meeting. Discussion will continue in a separate post.

4. Handbooks: We had a new handbook contributor join the chat. @topher1kenobe worked with @siobhan at WordCamp Austin’s contributor day, getting set up to work on the handbooks. He also talked with @blobaugh about working on the Plugin Developer Handbook.

You can read the chat logs here.