Team Reps

We’re a little overdue to re-up/choose/elect team reps again based on the last round. We can do that, or we can go back to a longer term for reps, or we can revisit the concept of team reps.

  • Some teams are better than others about getting the updates posted.
  • On some teams the rep also acts as a lead, while on others it’s just posting updates.
  • The job description is to post updates and to be a liaison between your team and the rest of the contributor groups via this site. There are a lot of weekly updates, but not so much liaising. When I’ve posted things for comment, it has appeared that people are responding based on their own opinion rather than getting their team’s group opinion and relating it back.

So! Can everyone check with their team to see what they think and report back here? If we want to go with the status quo, then each team should choose their early 2014 rep this week. How the team chooses is up to the team. If any teams want to propose a different approach, hit the comment sections (please speak for your team rather than putting out suggestions that haven’t been run by them first).