Community Team Update, January 26

  • Check out the WordCamp 2013 wrapup! We had more events, more speakers, more attendees, more non-US events, more sponsors, more… lanyard clips than ever before.
  • There’s a Proposal to reorganize community team meetings to focus on a specific topic each week. Since many of our projects overlap with other contributor groups, check out the schedule!
  • Discussions are underway for mentorship programs with the core and docs teams.
  • Myriad new WordCamps approved or in planning, many Meetups brought into the central fold.
  • The Community Expectations/Code of Conduct project is progressing, with Jen getting feedback from WC organizers & attendees.
  • Training programs: Courtney and Tracy Levesque are working on adapting Tracy’s teaching materials on theming into official WP curriculum. A key goal here is to give us good models we can use to turn the Theme School material into something releasable. We’d love more authors for future modules!
  • Potential WordCamp organizers and sponsors should be aware that of WP Foundation is still working on clarifying IRS Rules on Sponsor Donations.