Accessibility Team Update: January 15, 2014

Testing 3.8 Admin Screens

The team discussed our current project, keyboard testing of 3.8 admin screens. There is now a new page on Make WordPress Accessible named Testing, and a sub-page under that named 3.8 Admin Screens Results. The testing page contains a list of 3.8 admin screens and a sample results table. The results page contains the report we are starting to build. We agreed on a testing methodology and the WCAG 2.0 AA success criteria we will reference. Testing is now underway.

Other Projects

  • During the meeting @jorbin notified us that #26602 is ready for testing after he applied a patch.
  • Also @davidakennedy is still committed to helping out the Widgets project and @grahamarmfield is going to have a look at the AH-O2 plugin which is now on the repo.
  • At the same time we are checking the admin screens for keyboard accessibility we will also be doing a separate report on all WCAG 2.0 AA issues on the P2 Theme we are using for this blog.

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