Support Team Update for November 7th, 2013

This week in #wordpress-sfd support did not take over the whole meeting and docs had time to represent before the end of the hour. That’s a good thing. 😉

Items discussed:

The themes sub-forums do not have a sticky topic option

I had forgotten (again) that the themes sub-forums do not contain an option to make a topic sticky. It’s one of the items on the forum to-do list. Mika located the request and I replied to that topic with that link.

Dealing with people who complain to the point of ranting

With any WordPress release that has new functionality there is sometimes a small but vocal minority who complain passionately about that. Those complaints can escalate into full on ranting. When that does happen it’s alright to put their account into modwatch until they calm down.

Those users are normally not trolls but opening the same topics repeatedly or hijacking other threads is frowned upon. It’s fine to complain but it should remain productive. Just arguing in circles isn’t helpful.

In this instance it was regarding the auto-update feature and there was some talk in #wordpress-sfd to update the OMGWTFBBQ post when 3.8 comes out.

Don’t reply when angry

If someone’s post is making you angry or upset then do not reply. Walk away and let someone else deal with that topic. If the behavior doesn’t get better then please escalate to the wp-forums list. Getting mad is alright but replying when angry never works out.

If you are a moderator remember there’s no harm in bowing out of a topic that’s getting under your skin. Send another moderator a note and someone else can deal with it. You don’t have to reply to every topic and their are other people that can chime in when needed.