Meta Team Update: November 7, 2013

Over the last week:

  • Devhub work is still ongoing, slowly. The docs team is working to get a better grip on the handbooks so we can bring them over. Outside of that, @krogsgard is working on themes for the code reference and the handbooks.
  • Mockups for the Docs Issue Tracker are up for feedback. Planning to compile that feedback and give it back to @karmatosed so she can wrap up the design phase and we can start on implementations.
  • GSoC profiles are still pending, but getting close to being wrapped up.

For the coming week:

  • Devhub: Hope to have a better grasp on the handbooks and a theme built for the code reference.
  • Docs Issue Tracker: Compile feedback and get final designs ready for development.
  • GSoC Profile Integration: Pending any problems, hopefully most of this work will be live.