Support Team Update for October 24th, 2013

I apologize for the late update.

Items discussed at the #wordpress-sfd IRC meeting:

Awareness of how we behave in the community

This topic took up about 40+ minutes of the IRC #wordpress-sfd and was discussed. I’m also happy to say the topic was also well received and everyone is more aware of the issue and how to handle this going forward. You can read more about it at Siobhan’s post and also as well as on make/support.

Trac topic regarding the support forums

Kim Parsell brought up this trac ticket that discussed commercial support in the Romanian WordPress support forums. Trac is not really the best place for people to post that. The ticket was discussed briefly on the wp-forums list and the outcome was a note asking if anyone wants to volunteer to moderate that forum.

The make/support User Manual needs some Docs love

In make/support is a User Manual that desperately needs some attention as well as possibly a new/better home. There was some discussion but this topic is still on hold for the time being.