Mobile Group Update for Sep 2 2013 Update…

Mobile Group Update for Sep 2, 2013


  • iOS: modernizing (iOS7 & MP6-ification) is near completion, hoping to submit beginning of next week.
  • iOS: Code clean up and refactoring has been on hold since the lead dev has been out.
  • iOS: Visual Editor making progress, foundation is there.
  • iOS: Theme switching feature for blogs might make it into the next release, in testing this week.
  • Android: NUX (welcome guide, better log in/sign up) is 75% there.
  • Android: Themes + Media iteration is pretty much done, should hit beta by next week.
  • Android: Native Stats has all available API endpoints implemented.
  • Mobile Handbook: our goal to wrap it up by the end of August didn’t fully work, but only a few pages are still drafts now.

What’s Next

  • iOS: polish modernized version of app, get ready for submit
  • iOS: pick code clean up and refactoring branch up again
  • iOS: iterate on the UI of the Visual editor
  • iOS: test Theme switching capabilities, include in the next release of possible
  • Android: keep working on NUX
  • Android: get Themes + Media ready for a beta early next week
  • Android test Native Stats implementation
  • Mobile Handbook: finish off remaining pages in the handbook, submit for editorial review

More info in the dev chat summary.