Mobile Group Update for Aug 26, 2013


  • iOSiOS The operating system used on iPhones and iPads.: Submitted 3.7.1. A bug fix for a crash some users are experiencing when upgrading.
  • iOS: code clean up and partial refactoring is still underway and making progress
  • iOS: modernizing the app for iOS7 + MP6 in the works
  • iOS: laying the groundwork for a rich text editor.
  • iOS: kicking off work on a theme switching feature.
  • Android: continuing work on NUX (new welcome guide, better log in/sign up)
  • Android: better Media Library integration and Theme selection still in the works. Media needs another couple of weeks.
  • Android: Started work on a Native Stats features.
  • This is the last week of our Handbook push.

What’s Next

  • iOS: 3.7.1 release once approved
  • iOS: iOS 7 improvements ready by Sept 1
  • iOS: Merge refactor and iOS 7 branches next week
  • iOS: Continue to make progress on themes and rich text editor features.
  • Android: NUX welcome guide
  • Android: Continue to make progress on Media Library and Theme selection.
  • Android: Continue to make progress on Native Reader
  • Handbook: Wrap it up this week.

More info in the dev chat summary.