Community Team update August 23

This week:

  • 17 videos published to
  • 407 WordCamp tickets purchased
  • Published WordCamp dates for Denver and Nepal
  • Approved for pre-planning: Norway and Louisville
  • Review Guidelines group published their final analysis:
  • There’s a lively discussion about non-WordCamp events:
  • Invited David Bisset (@dimensionmedia) to join the WordCamp Central blog as a beat reporter.

Coming week:

  • Continue to advise the 20 events in planning and the 16 events in pre-planning
  • Continue to discuss non-WordCamp events
  • Merge Community and Events groups, as planned in the spring. We’ll be merging P2s in to make/community, with events and training/outreach stuff in separate categories.
  • Finally, we decided that I’ll be continuing as rep for the next term.