Docs Team Update August 4, 2013

This Week

  • Contributor Day at WCSF was a resounding success, netting:
    • a mockup for the new hub
    • A bunch of work was done on refining the Theme Developer Handbook
    • We also got a jump start on the video transcribing effort.
  • The Plugin Developer Handbook is now on GitHub per @danielbachhuber
  • The Code Reference is coming along. @nacin says we’ll have an alpha for that sometime in the near future now that 3.6 is out.
  • WordPress 3.6 was released, and work commences on the 3.6 Codex Sprint this weekend/next week.

Next Week

  • Team Rep elections will be happening soon. Please consider running if you’re interested. Remember: The most active member doesn’t HAVE to be the rep!
  • Ongoing: 3.6 Codex Sprint