Support Team Request: Plugin/Theme Developer Support Needs

Cross-reference with this Make/Themes discussion about Support URI.

Otto and Jane are fairly adamant that we need to be funneling Theme (and Plugin) developers into providing support for WPORG-hosted Themes (and Plugins) via the official WPORG support forums. In order to do so, I think we need to engage Theme/Plugin developers to find out what tools they need in order to provide a high quality support experience via the WPORG forums. Since that discussion inherently involves the tools and infrastructure of the WPORG forums, I think it would be ideal for the Support Team to lead that discussion.

So yes: this is the Themes Team throwing the issue over the wall to the Support Team. But based on the feedback we received from Theme developers in the linked Make/Themes discussion, I think that the developers that we are asking to provide support through a specific medium have some valid concerns that need to be addressed.

So, if the Support Team is willing, I’ll be happy to channel Theme developers over to Make/Support.

#support, #themes