Support Team Update for 12/18

With the fallout mitigated, support is back to the daily grind of spammers, trolls, and encouraging people to switch to decaf. The codex sprint was awesome (Docs will have more on that), and we took a back seat in IRC to that this week. The forums are pretty much as they ever are, a couple high profile issues caught our attention, but the angor is about the same as it was for 3.3 (3.4 was the miracle release).

There’s a new ‘getting started in support’ page on Make/Support for people interested in getting involved but aren’t sure how, and a start to the eternal ‘How do I become a mod?’ question has been answered. Please ask questions! Can’t find the holes without you 🙂 Also we voted for team reps last week, so we’ll find out any day now who the new ones are.