Docs Team Update 11th December

Here’s what’s been happening with the docs team this week:


This evening we had a discussion about formatting, tools and workflow for the handbooks. Something relevant to all of that we discussed is tone and voice. There’s currently nothing written down about the “WordPress voice” and it would be great to have that available for people whether they’re writing handbooks or web content or codex or inline content. something like this: Tone was mentioned in the marketing discussion at the summit, so maybe it’s something we could some content people + marketing people together to look at? Maybe the community people @jane and @andrea_r?

We also discussed tools that we would like to use:

  • Edit Flow
  • Syntax Highlighter Evolved

As there are about 45 people involved we plan to set up a P2P2 P2 or O2 is the term people use to refer to the Make WordPress blog. It can be found at for this – if we’ve got too many P2s on .org we can set it up on .com.

We discussed the design for the handbooks. We’d love for them to look beautiful. We think the same layout and formatting should be applied to each, and each one should have its own colour. We would also like some call-out box styles created for differentiating content.

Codex Sprint

The Codex sprint was postponed until this Thursday. There is an updates list available which is based on the Version 3.5 Codex page. Anyone can go ahead and update ahead of the sprint – just let us know in the comments and myself or Drew will mark it off.