Mobile Group update for Dec 3 2012 We…

Mobile Group update for Dec 3, 2012

We released two app updates since the last update.

Here’s an update of our projects (key: WPPlatformName):


Version 3.3 of WordPress for iOSiOS The operating system used on iPhones and iPads. was announced on Dec 3, 2012 (today). It features Sound effects and bug/crash fixes.

Notifications release is still in the works and we’re making good progress.


Version 1.7 of WordPress for WindowsPhone was announced on Nov 29, 2012. This update brings Local Drafts and Post Formats to Windows Phone. It also makes the app compatible with Windows Phone 8 devices and has media improvements as well as bug fixes.

Version 1.8 has been submitted and should be released before the end of the week. It features moderation/comments updates.

This week

  • Release & Announce WPWindowsPhone 1.8
  • Get WPiOS Notifications release ready for testing

Last week’s dev chat summary.