Mobile group update for Nov 26 I missed…

Mobile group update for Nov 26

I missed that our update day is Monday (was not defined earlier) so this update is a little late. These updates will most likely be written by other mobile contributors as well as myself in the future.

Here’s an update of our projects (key: WPPlatformName):


Sounds release is wrapped up and submitted Monday. This is version 3.3 and features bug fixes and sound effects. Should go live by the end of the week or early next week. Announcement is being drafted.

Notifications release is in the works and features a Notifications panel for users and Jetpack-enabled blogs. This release doesn’t have a version number yet but is a few weeks out.


We’ve spent a lot of time updating the Windows Phone app lately to make it compatible with and work well on Windows Phone 8 devices.

Version 1.7 (and 1.7.1) features Local Drafts, Post Formats, Windows Phone 8 compatibility. We had some initial issues with getting the update to run properly on Windows Phone 8 releases but these issues should be resolved shortly. Version 1.7.1 features bug fix updates and is currently pending approval.

Version 1.8 is in the works and should be ready within a week. It features a better comments list and better bulk moderation.


No updates currently in progress.


No updates currently in progress.

WPwebOS and WPNokia

These projects are not in active development and will not be reported on in these updates unless this changes.

Mobile Handbook

Over the last few weeks we’ve been learning more about what is expected from the upcoming Mobile Handbook and are getting started on writing it – we’ll split the work in between us since each app requires a little different instructions and documentation.

Dev blogs and app site’s migration

No progress since the last update, still planning on moving resources over bit by bit. Each app currently has it’s own landing page, official blog, download page, twitter feed, contribution page, support section (FAQ, forums), and dev blogs. At WPCS it was decided that these would be moved over to the header and merged where possible (dev blogs, forums)

More info

Last week’s dev chat summary (and since it already happened as of writing this, this week’s dev chat summary)

Progress reports and discussions regarding mobile WordPress are happening on Make/Mobile.