Not everyone has nice things to say..

Not a real person.

Not a real person.

Howdy mods, just a quick note to mods to be careful (and think twice) about the comments you approve. One went up on the site recently was pretty suspect.

Telltale signs? Aside from the Funny Star Wars name and a openly critical comment, the email address the commenter used was a big red flag. Remember, we want to do everything in our power to foster useful and constructive community discussions and some comments don’t exactly do that.

The following are the kinds of comments we do not want to approve. When in doubt ask an experienced mod to make the judgement call.

  1. Comments that don’t further the discussion on the topic
  2. Comments critical of video/audio quality – They just don’t help
  3. Comments that are derogatory in nature, toward the speaker or the presentation – Differing viewpoints (when presented respectfully) are OK, be anyone being an obvious troll is not.
  4. Comments that use a spammy-sounding name, spammy (or fake) email address, or spammy website link should not be approved. Even if the comments appear to be legitimate, if any of the above are true, it’s spam.

When in doubt, trust your gut, if a comment looks fishy for any reason, well, it probably is. 🙂

#comments, #spam