Modchat Recap – 8/13

A little late in posting this, but here is what we discussed in our team meeting last Thursday:

  • @roseapplemedia has all the US camera kits at his home base this month.
  • We are going to use this time to update and improve our camera documentation here:
  • Because Michael will have the actual gear in his possession, he will be doing short setup videos for all our kits and gear
  • WordCamp Outreach – One of the biggest problems we have with docs is not that they are out of date, but that WC organizers almost never see them.
  • How do we let camps know about this awesome resource?
  • @johnparkinson has volunteered to take point in wrangling WordCamp outreach. Posting soon to get some ideas about what we can try. Yay John!

Want to read the scroll? Full meeting transcript here!

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Modchat Recap – 8/06

No meeting notes from last week, as not many mods were able to make the chat. Here is what we discussed this week.

  • State of queues – We had quite a few from the last batch of submissions that have problems of one kind or another. Also everyone gave much deserved praise to @sgelob (not present) for his work in the Pending queue last week
  • New “Pending Delete” queue in WPTV – Any unpublishable videos can be put in that queue, along with a tag for the issue (LOGO, NO AUDIO, etc.) I will prepare a monthly transparency report to post to our P2, listing the deletes as well as the reason for them.
  • Upcoming camps – There are no US camps on the schedule for August. @roseapplemedia will have the camera kits in his possession all month, so a great chance to work on revamping camera docs.
  • Amazon Elastic Transcode – Still looking at options for automating transcoding, as well as looking at output quality.
  • Announcing new videos – We had a brief after-meeting discussion about how the Twitter account is doing, as well as some ideas on how we can automate notifying camps/speakers about new videos we publish. Starts here.

All in all a great meeting. Full transcript here. See you next week! 🙂

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Modchat recap – 7/23

The modsquad convened today in the WPTV Slack channel to discuss the happenings of the week:

  • Recovered WordPressTV Twitter account (Props Michael Pick) and hooked it up to our site. All videos published now will also be shared automatically with our Twitter account. 🙂
  • First new tweet:
  • Trac ticket to add Twitter player cards, may not work with the Flash player in VideoPress 1.0 –
  • Upcoming post on adding hashtags to custom tweets before publishing.
  • Early feedback from our first trials of Amazon Elastic Transcoder. Was able to transcode a 2GB RAW video file into a tidy ~600MB mp4. Hoping to roll out faster/easier downloads to reduce the barrier to contributions to post-processing.

You can read the transcripts in all their glory here:

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Modchat recap – July 16th

Here’s what we discussed in our team chat on #WPTV Slack channel today:

  • Producer Credit has been added to video uploads –
  • Success Message on upload has been improved –
  • Some discussion on captions/subtitles and WPTV – WPTV is still on VP 1.0 until these features can be added.
  • Discussed recent post on topics for screencasts. A great read!
  • Talked about the possibility of theme improvements to WPTV. Also noting we have an open ticket on adding responsive design here. Contributions welcome!
  • Want to keep up with other WPTV track tickets we’re working on? You can follow our open Trac tickets here.
  • @brashrebel pitched his tutorial video plugin idea in core. Props!

You can see our entire chat in the Slack archive here:

#modchat, #modchat_notes

Modchat notes – 7/02

What we discussed:

  • Content is now migrated to and mods have been added. There are some setup details to be dealt with still, but
  • Now that we have a P2 we will be moving some of our discussions (usually held in Slack) to the site so we can include feedback from anyone who could not attend
  • Some discussion about the new VideoPress update, and how it affects us on WPTV. For now we are using the “old” VideoPress until caption support is added, with no ETA on when we are switching for now…
  • Mods are encouraged to report any bugs/enhancements for WPTV to with emphasis on one ticket per issue.
  • Pending queue on WPTV is almost clear, and more WC Miami videos to edit have been added to Amazon S3. Link to post-processing spreadsheet added to the “What we are working on” widget
  • Some discussion about tagging deprecated how-to videos. P2 post coming soon.

Read the chat archive here:

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