WPTV Camera Kit Layout

Just so we are all up-to-date on the camera equipment. This is the current layout for the cases.

We have some kits that have cameras and equipment for two setups.

These cases look like this:


These cases have two containers (one with camera equipment and one with audio equipment), two tripods, gaffers tape and a misc equipment bag (red)

We also have single camera cases.


In each case are containers with pictures and names of the equipment inside.


This container has all the camera equipment.


and another container has all the audio equipment with names and pictures of the equipment.


And inside each case is a list with pictures and names of the misc equipment not listed in the other containers.

Each case has each piece of equipment, in that case, colored coded to make it easier to get the correct equipment back in the correct case.


Examples of color coded equipment.

We also have QR codes on the tripods, the handle mounts and the audio transmitter and receivers.

Scanning the QR code will show a short video for setting up and using each piece of equipment.
(Scan one and give it a try).


88W Wireless Mics


Sunpack Tripods


Mount Brackets


Travel Tripod

And we have instruction sheets for each of the cameras (with a link to the mfg manual at the bottom of each sheet).

Canon Vixia HF R600 Camera

Canon Vixia HF M400 Camera

Canon Vixia HF M300 Camera

We also have Livestream camera equipment but that’s for another post.



WordCamp San Diego Video Coordinator

Please take time to read this post by Jim Walker who was the video coordinator at WordCamp San Diego. Very good read from the volunteer view.

WordCamp San Diego 2016 – “Video TBD”

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As part of the Outreach Program I contact…

As part of the Outreach Program, I contact the WordCamps a week or so after their event and ask for comments, suggestions, criticism or anything that may help the team in our efforts to obtain good quality video from WordCamps.

The linked document below comes from Patrick Jackson, one of the organizers of WordCamp Seattle. It is well worth the read. Some good tips and some very good Questions.


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QR Codes for Camera Equipment.

I see a potential issue with the QR codes.
The free ones are static codes that cannot be changed which means any mistakes or changes cannot be done without replacing all the codes on all the camera kits.
Anyone know of a free dynamic QR code generator? A plugin maybe?

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