How to Approve Subtitles on WordPress TV

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Step 1 – Find the Subtitle File

When subtitles are submitted to you will see a notification bar at the top of the admin dashboard (direct link). Click on this notification to see the subtitles awaiting moderation in the media library. Click on the subtitle file’s title to view the file.

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 Step 2 – Spot Check the Subtitles

First, check that the subtitles match the video that they are being submitted to. You can preview the video in a new tab to help confirm that the subtitles match the video, but note that the preview won’t include the subtitles at this time.

Also, keep an eye out for spam submissions. Spam will be quickly apparent by quickly scanning the markup included in the file and/or looking at the submitter’s email address.

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Step 3 – Approve the Submission

If all looks OK, check the checkbox to mark the submission “approved” and click the “update” button to update the file. This will attach the subtitles to the correct video for this post, where anyone watching can access it.

Click the “update” button to update the post.

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Step 4 – Confirm Changes are Live

Once your changes are saved, view the video on to confirm that the subtitles are working correctly.

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Step-By-Step Video

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