Video Submission Guidelines is a community-run website, and as such as very community-minded submissions standards, with the emphasis on sharing WordPress knowledge freely, as well as growing and strengthening the open source community around it, for the benefit of all users of WordPress.

If you’d like to submit a screencast, video presentation or WordCamp video to, here a few specific guidelines as to what we’re looking for. Our #1 objective is to share quality content that shows our visitors how to use WordPress and do awesome things with it.

About the Videos We Publish About the Videos We Publish

WordPress TV is a moderated community and the videos we publish are meant to be a reflection of the values of the WordPress project; therefore, videos published to must:

  • Respect the WordPress trademark
  • Embrace the WordPress GPL license
  • Only promote WordPress-derivative works (themes, plugins, etc.)
  • Be free of spam, advertising, and discrimination of any kind

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Guidelines for Screencasts and Video Tutorials Guidelines for Screencasts and Video Tutorials

Presentation Guidelines

  • Shorter videos are generally better. The average video should be no longer than 3 minutes in length, but some topics may require more time.
  • Each video should cover one topic.
  • Use the script that has been written for your topic.
  • Do not add editorial or self-promotional comments. Relatedly, do not introduce yourself.
  • No advertising, production logos/credits, or lower-thirds graphics in the video. There is a producer credit line (text) when you submit your video. Please consult this post about logos in the slide decks and videos.

Audio Quality

  • Use a quality mic to make sure your audio is clear and crisp.
  • Record in a quiet place to ensure there is no background noise or static.
  • Avoid Aahh’s, Mmm’s or plosives (sound spike made when using p’s or t’s) when speaking.
  • Consider using a script for consistency.

Visual Requirements

  • Record in a 16:9 aspect ratio (720p = 1280×720 or 1080p = 1920×1080)
  • Adjust the recording area to screen capture only the area needed for the tutorial and to make sure all the mouse movements are captured.
  • Avoid showing any part of your desktop or other icons/programs that are on your computer in the screen capture.

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Where to make submissions Where to make submissions

If you’re ready to submit, upload your video here. Our content is moderated by volunteers, and so it might take a little while before your content is published. Make sure you include your email address in the submission so we can contact you with any questions.