WPTV Team Chat Notes: 6/30/2016

We met last Thursday to discuss the state of WPTV for another week. Here is what we talked about: Incoming WordCamp videos – What is our current status, what are we expecting soon WCEU and WC Antwerp are uploading to AWS. Post Production/Publishing – What videos do we have that need post production work. Are […]

Contributor Day at WCEU 2016 – WordPress TV Team Recap

I was asked by Rocío Valdivia (@_dorsvenabili) to lead WordPress.tv team in the Contributor Day at WCEU this year. How could I say no? I contribute actively to WordPress.tv for exactly one year (since I visited WCEU 2015) and it was a nice occasion for celebrate 🎉 Below are some notes and stories that I […]

How far we’ve come, how far we have to go

In today’s modchat we talked about what we accomplished in the last year as a team. It’s been pretty amazing to see everyone come together, new faces and old friends alike, to really push this team forward, and boy have we done a lot! Over the last year we have: created a post-processing workflow that […]

WordPress.tv – Information Architecture

Following last week’s #wptv chat on slack, I took on the task of mapping the current Information Architecture of the WordPress.tv wesbite for it’s upcoming redesign. I’ll start by showing what is currently there (including screenshots for visual records), leave some personal notes as I go through each screenshot, and at the end I’ll leave […]

Designing WordPress.tv – Functional requirements recap

A few weeks ago we posted an open call for functional requirements for a new WordPress.tv design. Out of that post came several good ideas for us to explore; however, some of the great suggestions we got don’t need to rely on (and should not be tied to) a site redesign. To help sort things […]

Building a better WordPress.tv – functional requirements

We’ve been talking as mods lately about our site, and how it feels a little out of date: http://wordpress.tv/ It’s an older theme now, built upon a site that is even older, and it’s in need of a refresh redesign. For 2016 one of our goal is to work on updating the site to be […]