WordPress.tv language changes


Languages on WordPress.tv are currently managed as tags that are applied to videos. A review is needed on how to deal with languages for 2 reasons:

  1. YouTube: The current language name/slugs are not compatible with YouTube.
  2. Subtitles: The proposed language list for the subtitles is coming from VideoPress and are different from WordPress.tv and YouTube

Therefor I have a proposal below that I would like you all to comment on.

Current As-is situation

On the WordPress.tv back-end videos get a language tag. The tag has a Slug and a Name. Based on the slug you could see all videos in a certain language on the site e.g. https://wordpress.tv/language/germandeutsch/ or in the APIAPI An API or Application Programming Interface is a software intermediary that allows programs to interact with each other and share data in limited, clearly defined ways. e.g. https://wordpress.tv/api/videos.json?language=germandeutsch

When uploading a subtitle on WordPress.tv, the list is taken from VideoPress. Check the full list by inspecting any video page :

YouTube has the most complete list, based on ISO639-1 two-letter codes, and also accepts locales like fr-ca:


Languages are pretty stable and, ones set, hardly need a change. A tag as it is today would be sufficient, but it should include the unique codes of all different platforms. Languages should also be added ONLY if they exist on both VideoPress and youTube. If a locale does not exist (fr_BE), but the ‘main’ language (fr) exist, then that could be accepted of course. So the following tags could be created:

Name (English)slugwpglotpressvideopressYouTube
French (France)fr-frfr_FRfrfrfr-FR
French (Belgium)fr-befr_BEfr-befrfr-BE
Spanish (Spain)es-eses_ESeseses-ES
Spanish (Argentina)es-ares_ARes-areses-419

A dropdown with the above English names could be used on:

The site should be changed from https://wordpress.tv/language/germandeutsch/ to https://wordpress.tv/language/de

The API would change from https://wordpress.tv/api/videos.json?language=germandeutsch to https://wordpress.tv/api/videos.json?language=de

One doubt: Do we keep both French fr and French (France) fr-fr in the list?

All comments very welcome!