WPTV Team Chat Notes – 6/2

We’ve been trying a new structure for our weekly meetings, with the following structure – and an “open floor” at the end to bring up whatever else is on our minds:

  • 1. Incoming WordCamp videos – What is our current status, what are we expecting soon
  • 2. Post Production/Publishing – What videos do we have that need post production work. Are there pending videos in WPTV that need out help in publishing? How can the team help?
  • 3. Outreach – Camps we’ve heard from, camps we may want to reach out to
  • 4. WPTV Blog – What have we posted recently, what are we planning to post

With those points in mind, here is what we discussed this week:

  • 1. Incoming WordCamp videos – No incoming videos at the moment, but we have a few camps that just wrapped up, and lots of camps in the next few weeks, so that is bound to change
  • 2. Post Production/Publishing – We have a few WC London videos that need to be moved from S3 to WPTV. Spreadsheet is here so feel free to claim one! These do not need any post production (maybe title slides at most) so should be easy to handle. We are also going to look into what it takes to add a YT upload form to the WPTV P2, based on @roseapple‘s proposal here: https://make.wordpress.org/tv/2016/05/26/youtube-proposal/
  • 3. Outreach – We are going to start reaching out to video coordinators the week before the camp is going to be held, inviting them to our Slack channel to answer any questions we have, and get a dialogue started in our public channel. @roseapple is going to handle the actual pinging, as he handles shipping out cameras, and already knows who to ping
  • 4. WPTV Blog – We are ready to start publishing weekly wrap-up posts to our WPTV blog. Your suggestions for next weeks post can be added here. @jwparky will also be working on regular interview posts TBA.

Want to join our meeting next week? See the blue box at the top of the page to see when our next meeting is!