WPTV Blog video roundup topics

For our weekly video roundup posts, which will be published on the WPTV blog, I wanted to suggest the following loose editorial “calendar” to provide some structure to our posts.

  • Week 1: User-focused WordCampWordCamp WordCamps are casual, locally-organized conferences covering everything related to WordPress. They're one of the places where the WordPress community comes together to teach one another what they’ve learned throughout the year and share the joy. Learn more. videos – recent submissions (or older but still relevant videos) that benefit WordPress users.
  • Week 2: Dev-focused WordCamp videos – recent submissions (or older but still relevant videos) that benefit WordPress users.
  • Week 3: Featured WordCamp – videos selected from a recent WordCamp (last 30 days) with user and/or dev focused videos.
  • Week 4: Most watched this month – Looking back over the last 30 days, what are some of the most watched videos on WordPress.tv
  • Week 5: Blast from the past – There are not many months with 5 weeks in them, but it does sometimes happen. For those special occasions, a look back at the history of WordPress (from our archives) might be an interesting break from our usual posting activities.

We would repeat that calendar every month, and to kick things off I will post on this P2P2 “P2” is the name of the theme the blogs of make.wordpress.org use. When asked to post or view something “on the p2” by a member of the WPTV team, that usually means you’re asked to check https://make.wordpress.org/tv. at the beginning of the week (and restate the focus of that week’s post) and we can all leave suggestions on the comments for videos we’d like to see on that outgoing post. I will collect those comments, and write the post on the WPTV blog to go out the following week.

Some other details:

  • Number of videos per blog post: 2-3
  • Feature one non-english video per week if possible
  • All videos featured must have clear audio and video (good technical quality) and slides should be visible (or edited into) the presentation.

Any other thoughts or ideas you have about these “best of” posts? Nothing is written in stone, those are just some ideas I had. If you have any thoughts please leave them in the comments!