Building a better – functional requirements

We’ve been talking as mods lately about our site, and how it feels a little out of date:

It’s an older theme now, built upon a site that is even older, and it’s in need of a refresh redesign. For 2016 one of our goal is to work on updating the site to be a better home for the great content we get every day from WordCamps and other WordPress events around the world. With that in mind we’re starting a series of posts here to set a plan in motion.

We’ll be talking design and implementation in upcoming posts, but for now I’d like your thoughts on WPTV as it is now, and how it could be better functionally as a site.

What would function like in a perfect world? What is not so great about the site now that could work better? What cool thing should we be considering that no one has though of before?

Please, say it here in the comments so we can get the conversation started, and build a better!