Modchat recap – July 16th

Here’s what we discussed in our team chat on #WPTV SlackSlack Slack is a Collaborative Group Chat Platform The WordPress community has its own Slack Channel at channel today:

  • Producer Credit has been added to video uploads –
  • Success Message on upload has been improved –
  • Some discussion on captions/subtitles and WPTV – WPTV is still on VP 1.0 until these features can be added.
  • Discussed recent post on topics for screencasts. A great read!
  • Talked about the possibility of theme improvements to WPTV. Also noting we have an open ticket on adding responsive design here. Contributions welcome!
  • Want to keep up with other WPTV track tickets we’re working on? You can follow our open Trac tickets here.
  • @brashrebel pitched his tutorial video plugin idea in core. Props!

You can see our entire chat in the Slack archive here:

#modchat, #modchat_notes