When is a new mod no longer a n00b?

A long time ago, there was a mod (let’s call him super-mod) who used to schedule all videos for publication, and all the other mods tagged their videos READY FOR PUBLICATION, to let super-mod know that they, well, ready for publication.

That didn’t scale very well, so we implemented what we have now. All mods schedule their own posts, no super-mod needed with one exception: New mods.

For new mods joining our merry band, we ask them to use the old READY FOR PUBLICATION tag so current mods can double check to make sure everything is great, and then schedule the video if it is. After an ill-defined period of time we let these new mods know that they are good to start scheduling their own video, and all is good with the universe

The problem though is that this doesn’t scale well either.

Given the possibility of growing our squad even more, and expanding our role to include other activities like post-production and translation, I wanted to ask you all (new and current mods alike) what you think a better system for on-boarding new team members could be? How can we create a system that makes new mods feel welcome and gives them a place to go for questions, ensures that videos are moderated correctly, and is a little more sustainable than the current READY TO PUBLISH tagging system?

#new-moderators, #training