Optimizing the size of video thumbnail images

Bug report time!

I noticed a little detail that could be improved: the size of video thumbnail images that are generated when using the “Capture Thumbnail” button isn’t matching the size of the video player.

For example, in this video.

The thumbnail image looks very low-rez and pixelated. That’s because the thumbnail size is only 400 x 224 px, while the video player is 700 x 392 px.

On the other hand, when we leave the default thumbnail that was auto-generated, the image looks crisp, like in this video.

Interestingly, when inspecting the source, you will notice that this thumbnail has a size of 1280 x 720 px – same as the HD source video. Larger than the player, but in the age of retina that’s actually a good thing.

TL;DR: the Capture Thumbnail function should use the original video file as the source when generating the thumbnail.