Pending Queue – Time for some (late) spring cleaning?

Howdy mods and enthusiasts. I have been spending some time in the queues getting my feet wet, and I was wondering what we should do about the fact that the Pending queue is starting to fill up with videos that aren’t going anywhere. 🙁

With that in mind, any thoughts on how we can proceed? Currently, our biggest problem is videos that are not in English, as I am thinking that is what most of us speak fluently, but anybody have skills in the following areas?

  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Hebrew
  • Slovak
  • Japanese
  • Danish
  • Swedish
  • French

That’s quite a few, and it’s a shame that we are holding on to them like this. I can put the call out for ore mods, but thought I’d ask here first, to see if we have any hidden talents. 🙂

In addition, we have a few videos that look like they tagged as DUPLICATE and DO NOT PUBLISH, as well as one (there may be others) with technical issues. @myroseapple what has been our policy on those? Are we holding on to them for some reason, or are you as unsure as I am about what to do as a next step.