Hi moderators So as @myroseapple noticed a while…

Hi moderators! So, as @myroseapple noticed a while back, we now have a way for people to submit subtitles/captions for WordPress.tv videos. The instructions on how to caption a WordPress.tv video are here: http://wordpress.tv/using-amara-org-to-caption-or-subtitle-a-wordpress-tv-video/

When you look at the top of the dashboard, you’ll see the number of subtitle files awaiting moderation. To review the subtitles, you’ll want to scan through the text on the Edit page for the subtitle file. At this point, you’re looking for any profanity, spam, etc – basically making sure that no one is hiding any black hat-easter eggs in the submitted subtitles.

When you’ve finished reviewing, —edit— check the Approve box in the edit page and then —edit— I think the best approach is to hit “attach” from the media menu, and then attach the subtitles to the appropriate video. There’s a search box in that menu — thank the gods — so definitely use it!

As more subtitle files come flooding in — hopefully soon! — I’ll solicit new moderators to help review them. I’m hoping we’ll have an easy time finding people to help us make WordPress.tv videos more accessible to more people; I think we will.

If the above process looks too clunky or just plain doesn’t work, please let me know and suggest changes! 🙂