WordPress.tv Moderator Update: Week 8

This has been a busy week for moderators at WordPress.tv, especially with the approaching availability of a public-facing video uploader. What this means is that soon anyone can submit their best WordPress videos (tutorials, presentations, meetups, etc.) to the benefit of all users. Pretty exciting times, and look for a public announcement next week!

As a result of this big change, our weekly IRC chat was quite active. You can catch up on the conversation here, or stop by our P2 page, where we have also been discussing the impact that publicly uploaded videos has on our workflow as moderators.  Here’s what happened, and what’s coming up:

Last Week:

  • Working on revised submission standards to include screencasts, meetups, presentations, and other video content.
  • Featured Videos on the WordPress.tv homepage – Mods will now promote videos that really stand out from the latests submissions, and promote them as Featured content on the site.
  • The WordCamp TV page now features updated content from recent WordCamps, and better tools for browsing our growing catalog of videos.
  • Had our best week to date!  We published 31 videos (over 4 a day!) last week from recent WordCamps (Norway, Phoenix, and Nepal) as well as recently discovered content from past WordCamps.
  • Tested the new video uploader interface, ahead of making it available to the public.

Next Week:

  • A special announcement!
  • An open call for more moderators!  (Interested?  Drop a line here in the comments)
  • Seriously, if it sounds like I’m being vague, it’s because we have no idea what to expect next week.  🙂