Let’s share our notes from the Community Summit

A handful of folks who regularly contribute to the Training Team attended the recent Community Summit. Anyone can read the official notes from each session on https://make.wordpress.org/summit/. With almost 30 sessions that took place, though, there is a lot of information to consume there.

Training Team reps discussed how it would be great if those who attended the Community Summit could share their observations and learnings that pertain specifically to the Training Team with the team. The goal is to highlight important information to Training Team members who were not at the summit, and may also not have the time to read through the different notes.

  • If you attended the Community Summit: Come leave a comment below with any observations you came home from the summit with that would pertain specifically to the Training Team.
  • If you did not attend the Community Summit: Follow this post from the button below to receive an email notification anytime someone comments.

Anyone is welcome to add questions or additional comments on what other people have written also. Thanks!