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Description Description

A short paragraph explaining what is covered in the lesson plan. This should be text that can be copied and used in a Meetup or workshop description.

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Prerequisite Skills Prerequisite Skills

  • List of skills

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Objectives Objectives

  • Objectives should be worded as actions that the student can do once they’ve finished. See Bloom’s Taxonomy of Action Verbs (PDF) as a reference. Avoid using words like “know,” “understand,” “be introduced to,” etc.

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Assets Assets

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Screening Questions Screening Questions

  • Question here?

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Teacher Notes Teacher Notes

  • Tips teachers may want to know

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Hands-on Walkthrough Hands-on Walkthrough

The lesson, written in script form with screenshots and live demo instructions to be used by the instructor in a live classroom/workshop setting.

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Exercises Exercises

Exercise name
Short description of what the exercise does and what skills or knowledge it reinforces.

  • Short point or step of the exercise
  • And another

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Quiz Quiz

Write out the question.

  1. Option
  2. Option
  3. Option
  4. Option

Answer: 3. Correct answer