Training Team How to Guides

A list of guides to help you contribute to the Training team. If you want to help us document these guides, please let us know in the #training Slack channel on

  1. How to Write a Meeting Agenda or Recap
  2. How to Submit a Lesson Plan Idea
  3. How to Gather Links to Support and Developer Documentation
  4. How to Finalize Description and Objectives
  5. How to Gather Marketing Communications
  6. How to Carry out an SEO Review for a Lesson Plan
  7. How to How to Request a Lesson Plan Post to be Assigned to an Author
  8. How to Draft a Lesson Plan
  9. How to Conduct an Instructional Review
  10. How to Copy Edit a Lesson Plan
  11. How to Carry out a Style Guide Review
  12. How to Carry out a Final Publication Review
  13. How to Create or Suggest a Collection of Lesson Plans
  14. How to Create a Course
  15. How to Audit a Lesson Plan

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