Leaving the Faculty Program

There are two main circumstances under which a Faculty member leaves the program. Depending on the circumstance, Administrators assisting with the transition follow different procedures.

Voluntary Leave from the Faculty Program

Sometimes it is necessary for Faculty members to step back from their duties, and that is okay! If you are on the Faculty and need to step back from your duties, it is important to let the team know so other Faculty members can take over and/or onboard new members.

Going inactive does not mean you cannot come back! The Training Team will always be around, and we will welcome you back whenever you are ready to return. 🙂

For Admins assisting a Faculty member to transition to inactive, follow the process “Checklist for removing access when a Faculty member is inactive”.

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Removal from the Faculty Program

There are rare circumstances in which a Faculty member would be removed from the program — this may be due to a breach of the Faculty agreement, and/or the Code of Conduct.

For Admins assisting with the off-boarding of a Faculty member, follow the process “Faculty Off-boarding Checklist”.

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