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The Make WordPress Training Team is committed to increasing content in more non-English locales on Learn WordPress. Approximately only 17% of the world speaks English, so it is important for the learning materials to be inclusive of our diverse world. 

Locale Ambassadors bridge the Training Team and their local communities to help drive the mission of ensuring equal access to quality WordPress learning materials for all WordPress communities. They achieve this by performing actions such as:

  • Performing outreach to bring new contributors into the Training Team
  • Onboarding contributors to the Training Team’s processes
  • Providing language support
  • Creating localized content
  • Identifying and communicating key content for translation or creation based on community needs
  • Connecting their local community members with relevant Training Team opportunities (Ex. Content translation request)
  • Advertising Learn Content to their local community
  • Communicating their community’s needs to the Training Team

How to become a Locale Ambassador

Locale Ambassadors have a strong record of being leaders in their communities. They have a deep understanding of their community’s needs when it comes to WordPress, and work as shepherds to help their respective communities grow.

This role is a one year commitment with the opportunity to renew. To ensure redundancy, each community should have two Locale Ambassadors sharing the responsibilities noted above. 

Currently Locale Ambassadors have been identified in this spreadsheet for the Content Localization project, and a list not specific to this project will be provided as soon as commitments are confirmed.

If you feel that you are ready to represent your community as a Training Team Locale Ambassador, please contact a Training Team Representative in the Make WordPress #training SlackSlack Slack is a Collaborative Group Chat Platform https://slack.com/. The WordPress community has its own Slack Channel at https://make.wordpress.org/chat/. channel.

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Advertising Learn Content to your local community

Newly published content is shared with the Training Team every meeting, and inclusive of this is content created in non-English locales. When this published content is shared, Locale Ambassadors and community members are encouraged to share this information with their respective communities. This can be done in the locale’s WordPress Slack instance, on the locale’s team blog, or through social media as a few suggestions. Below is an example message you can use when sharing newly published content with your community:

Hey there folks! The following Learn WordPress content is now available:


Please read, share, and provide feedback on this content.

You can also help spread the word about content for your local community by working with the Make WordPress marketing team to schedule Tweets for your local community (See example of Japanese Tweet here). They can be reached in the Make WordPress #marketing channel.This Local Community Outreach Sheet helps the team identify how to best engage with local community members about Learn WordPress updates specific to their community.

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