Faculty Members

The Training Team Faculty Program’s Members are a team of people all over the world who work to achieve the goals of the Training Team and Learn WordPress.

The four broad role categories of responsibilities instituted in this program are:

  • Content Creators: Content Creators contribute new content to Learn WordPress. 
  • Editors: Editors assist with editing content created by the content creators.
  • Subject matter experts (SMEs): SMEs work with content creators and editors to provide expertise in their relevant subject area to ensure that the content is accurate and complete.
  • Administrators: Administrators perform the management and operations work involved in the Training Team and Learn WordPress.

You can read more in-depth information about these roles on the Areas of Responsibility page here, and explore more information about this program in the Faculty Program Handbook here.

Listed below are the current faculty members working on the Training Team – this sheet will be kept up to date at all times.

NameRoleRegionNon-English languages spoken
Courtney RobertsonAllN. AMER
Hauwa AbashiyaAllEuropeHausa
Pooja DerashriAllAsiaHindi
Hugh LashbrookeAllOceania
Destiny KannoAllN.AMERJapanese, Chinese
Courtney Patubo KranzkeAllN.AMER
Benjamin EvansAllAsiaJapanese
Sarah SnowContent CreatorN.AMER
Wessel TheronContent CreatorOceania
Nick DiegoContent CreatorN.AMER
Bud KrausContent CreatorN.AMER
Chris BadgettContent CreatorN.AMER
Jonathan BossengerContent Creator
Subject Matter Expert
Damon CookContent CreatorN.AMER
Vagelis PapaioannouContent CreatorEuropeGreek
Micah WoodSubject Matter ExpertN.AMER
Paul BarthmaierSubject Matter ExpertN.AMER
Anne McCarthySubject Matter ExpertN.AMER
Rich TaborSubject Matter ExpertN.AMER
Chetan PrajapatiSubject Matter ExpertAsiaHindi
Hardeep AsraniSubject Matter ExpertAsia
Chris KindredSubject Matter ExpertN.AMER
Alvaro GómezEditorEuropeSpanish
Mainul Kabir AionEditorAsiaBengali
Ascencia Fike KomalaEditorAsiaIndonesian
Oneal RoseroAdministratorAsiaTagalog
Meagan HanesAdministratorN.AMERFrench, Japanese
Amit PatelContent Creator / EditorAsiaHindi
Jamie MaddenEditor / Subject Matter ExpertAsiaVietnamese, Mandarin
Afshana DiyaEditor / Subject Matter Expert AsiaBengali

Here is the fully detailed Faculty Program Member list.