WordCamp US 2018 Contributor Day

The Training team made a lot of progress at Contributor Day this weekend. We on-boarded several new members, completed several Trello Cards, and collaborated with the Design and Marketing teams to develop the plan for our front-end lesson plan site.

A photo of WordCamp US 2018 Contributor day. Image Credit to @harryjackson1221
WordCamp US 2018 Contributor Day. Image Credit @harryjackson1221

Call for Your Comments

One of the largest-scope discussions involved the development of our WordPress.org front-end site. Currently, our dedicated URL is learn.wordpress.org, but a proposal was made to change to teach.wordpress.org.

The reasoning behind the proposal is that our content is in fact focused on how to teach WordPress topics, rather than learning. We’d like to open the discussion on this since it will be a rather large change. Please make a comment on this post with your feedback on the proposal so that we can discuss it in our upcoming meetings.

GitHub Restructuring

As we collaborated with the Meta team with the goal of translating our Lesson Plans in GitHub to the front-end, we reached the conclusion that a restructuring of our repositories will be needed.

In order for the front-end to be most easily kept up-to-date, as well as provide a mechanism for a final editorial review before content is published, a new master repository will be created with individual lesson plans as submodules within it. This will allow our current workflow to remain mostly unchanged, and the Team Leads can perform an editorial review before pulling into the master repo. @jessecowens has volunteered to spearhead this project.


We’d like to welcome all of the new contributors and recognize the experienced contributors who volunteered their Sunday to join the team! @rbailey10 @davidneeham @learnwithchloe @winternetweb @juliekuehl @jessecowens @davidbgreen @dabrattoli @sunsand187

Help Wanted

We’re still looking for folks who have the time and expertise for a few vital roles in the Training Team:

  • Taking notes from team meetings.
  • HTML- and CSS-proficient writers who can develop new Slide Decks for lesson plans.
  • Instructional designers or educators familiar with Bloom’s Taxonomy.
  • Wrangling the team’s style guide.

Priority Projects Moving into 2019

  1. Finish the copy and design of the learn.wordpress.org (or teach!) and deliver it to the Meta Team.
  2. Clean up the Training Team Handbook with the vision of creating a one-stop-shop for new contributors.
  3. Identify priority lesson plans to highlight on learn.wordpress.org when it goes live.

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WordCamp NYC 2015 Contributor Day

Greetings! This is the post where we’ll keep track of all work contributed to the training team at WordCamp NYC’s contributor day. Please leave your notes/random thoughts/etc. in the comments!

Lesson Plans moved from pages to “Handbook”

Greetings from San Francisco where people are freaking out over the Giants.

We got SO MANY THINGS done at the contributor team meetup this week.

One huge new thing is we moved lesson plans in development from regular pages to the handbook plugin. The handbook has better formatting and navigation between lessons and sections.

If you are currently working on a lesson plan you will now find it under Handbook in the admin. I reassigned the authors to their respective lesson plans.

A bigger post recapping the meetup is coming soon!

Google Hangout for October 27, 2014 Meeting

Hi folks! @liljimmi and I were unplugged all day at the Community summit which is why we weren’t online. We created an event for our Google Hangout tomorrow

WCSF Team Training hangout – Google+
A Google hangout during our regularly scheduled IRC chat time so folks who can’t be in SF can join us.

It will be at 18:00 UTC, our regularly scheduled meeting chat time. We will have our meeting and folks who can’t be here with us in SF can join in on Google Hangout.

Actual agenda will be posted before meeting, it will be similar to agenda we planned at last meeting for two days of meetup.


WCSF 2014 Team Meetup Agenda Ideas During our…

WCSF 2014 Team Meetup Agenda Ideas

During our Sept 16 IRC chat we threw out some ideas of what we should do during our IRL team meetup at WCSF2014.

In addition to Brunch and playing Cards Against Humanity, below is what we came up with. Feel free to add more in comments.

  • Recruit more folks for Team Training
  • Finalize a process for approving a module
  • Finish up unfinished modules
  • Clean up the list of modules we want done and create a priority list
  • Define module groups for all-day or weekend trainings
  • Determine a land for “beta” modules that need live testing and Finished modules for use and Meetups need to know they are available and solidify our connections with the Meetup team
  • Talk about revision process



Hey Everyone!! Tracy and I are at the development day at WordCamp NYC. We have 9 people working on training modules. WOO HOO!!

We are around all weekend, so if you are in town, come find us.

WordCamp Philly Dev Day Report @courtneydawn and I…

WordCamp Philly Dev Day Report

@courtneydawn and I were both at WCPhilly and decided to use dev day to recruit folks to help with the Theme School project. It was a great day and a lot got accomplished.

@liamdempsey made new and improved graphics for the child theme module. He also made new file/folder screenshots with the Mac OS as per @jenmylo‘s request.

Reed Gustow and @tecdoc made an outline for a new Templates module.

@chrisurban worked on a new Conditional Tags module

@ruthkalinka Copy edited some of the Child Theme module and will finish up soon. She and @courtneydawn also went through the rest of the misc pages and updated them.

We added pages for the Intro to CSS module that @jerrysarcastic is going to work on and a Template Hierarchy module that I am going to work on.

I started adding the text for the new modules, I will have that done this week.

We let everyone know when the IRC chat was and helped them get on IRC so they can join the weekly meetings. We hope to repeat this at WordCamp NYC dev day.

Second Run of the Child Theme Training Module…

Second Run of the Child Theme Training Module

Last night I did a test run of the Child Theme Training Module https://make.wordpress.org/training/modules-in-progress/child-theme-module/ at the Philly ‘burbs WordPress Meetup (http://www.meetup.com/philly-burbs-wordpress-meetup/events/184589022/).

It was a small group – around 10 folks with varying skill sets. I told them about the training project and let them know they were helping test it and that I wanted their feedback at the end.

I did make a slide deck for the training http://slides.thetracyl.com/burbs/. It contained the main points and notes I could refer to (hit the S key to see the notes while viewing the slides).

I went through each section and did a live demo of building a child theme at the same time. We skipped the group exercises for lack of time and because it was not a classroom situation, but I did just ask folks to talk through how they would do the exercises. As a group they did well on the quiz.

Overall, I think it went great, the feedback was very positive. I asked people what they thought and they said they understood the material.

I asked them how it could be better. @liamdempsey thought the graphics illustrating how the Child Theme affects the Parent could be better. I asked him to please send me any mock ups or suggestions. Another person said it would be helpful to know information about the setup on the demo computer – Browser, OS, text editor, etc. – at the outset of the class.

Most of the folks at the Meetup are coming to WCPhilly. I let them know we were planning on working on more modules at Dev day.